percolation area replacement

Percolation areas or polishing filters can be the most problematic part of a wastewater treatment/ septic tank system. There are many reasons for a percolation to fail, these include:

  • Insufficient desludging
  • Poorly preforming septic tank or treatment system
  • Build-up biofilm
  • Roots infestation
  • Changes in local site conditions
  • Heavy machinery being driven over the area

Sites with poorly functioning percolation areas are not just a nuisance due to odour and pests, but can be a significant environmental and human health hazard.

We recommend contacting your Local Authority before making any changes to your wastewater treatment system or percolation area. The EPA provide detailed guidance on planning matters relating to replacing existing wastewater treatment systems here.

A percolation area is the drainage area installed after a septic tank. Its function is to fully treat the effluent from the septic tank and dispose of it.

A polishing filter is the drainage area installed after a wastewater treatment system. Its function is to provide further treatment and dispose of it.

Percolation Area Repair

bioCycle™ can provide a cost effective solution to repairing your percolation area. Before going through the expense of replacing your percolation area or digging up your garden . It is often possible to repair the percolation area by the flushing out the pipes with water or air, unblocking the pipes and holes which can fix the problem.

Percolation Area Replacement

bioCycle™ can provide a turnkey solution to replacing your percolation area. Our team of highly qualified & experience engineers offer:

  • Free preliminary site visit & planning advice
  • Over 25 years’ experience
  • Design, Supply & Installation & Certification
  • ISO 9001:2008 from the NSAI Authority for the design of treatment systems
  • Professional negligence indemnity insurance up to €13,000,000
bioCycle™ can guide you through all steps in replacing your percolation area or polishing filter.
  • Free Site Inspection

  • Site Suitability Assessment

  • Installation

  • Certification & Commission

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