The EN Certified Septic Tank has a 3,800 litre (840 Gallons) capacity complete with ¾ – ¼ split Baffle Wall. It is a Double Chamber Tank and its capacity is suitable for 8 people.

  1. Pre-cast concrete construction
  2. Piped and Sealed before delivery
  3. Simple Installation upon delivery
  4. Tank capacity suitable for 8 people
  5. EN 12566-1 certified

A septic tank is usually a single tank system with two chambers. The Wastewater enters the first chamber of the tank, allowing solids to settle and scum to float. The settled solids are anaerobically digested, reducing the volume of solids. The wastewater then flows to the second chamber, where further settlement takes place before flowing to the percolation area. The percolation area is a network of perforated pipes in stone filled trenches designed to further treat and discharged the final effluent into the ground.

The bioCycle™ system is a single tank system with four chambers designed to treat the wastewater to a very high Level. The Wastewater enters the first chamber of the tank and acts like a septic tank allowing solids to settle and scum to float. The wastewater then flows to the second chamber which is the aeration process. Oxygen is supplied to the chamber via a small air blower which also contains plastic media blocks designed with a high surface area to allow bacteria to grow. The treated wastewater then flows to the clarification chamber where any remaining solids settle to the bottom and are airlift back to the first chamber. The final chamber in the pump chamber that pumps the treated waste water to the percolations area.

Consumer Information

The wastewater industry is unregulated and the current certification is worthless and offers zero protection to homeowners. Who under the Building Regulations & Water Services Act are responsible to ensure that their system does not constitute a risk to human health or the environment.

Homeowner Liability

Homeowner Liability

Liability, are you aware that “you” are solely liable for pollution/public health issues arising from inadequate defective or malfunctioning treatment system?

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Misleading Certification

Misleading Certification

Current certification to the EPA Code of Practice & EN12566-3 offers no protection to homeowners in the event there system causes pollution.

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System Details
Population Equivalent (P.E.)8 Persons
Capacity (litres)3,800 Litres
Dimensions (mm)3590mm x 1260mm x 1725mm
Approx Desludging Period1 year
Discharge TypeGravity