Clean tank, well maintained

I am a customer of bioCycle™ since 1999. I could not be happier with the system and I haven’t even had to pump it out yet. The tank is very clean and never smells even in the hot summer months. I am signed up to the yearly maintenance contract and when a blower on the system did fail, an alarm went off in the system and bioCycle™ came out the same day and replaced the blower for free as part of the maintenance contract.

Excellent staff, system and service

I have a bioCycle™ installed since 2003 and could not recommend this system enough. I also have an annual service contract with bioCycle™ since 2003 which I find excellent. I find that not only is the system excellent but the staff in bioCycle™ are very helpful and professional and I could not praise them enough.

Now fully certified and compliant

There was an old septic tank in my property when I bought it in the late 1970’s. I had heard all the talk in the media about inspections and felt I better do something about my system. I had no records of where the percolation area was and felt the tank might be leaking. I did a bit of research online and came across bioCycle™. They were offering a complete replacement of the system and percolation area and were provided all the certification in house. I replaced in septic tank with the bioCycle™ system in 2011 and am very happy with the system and the service so far.


bioCycle™ – a superior system all round

I installed a small plastic wastewater treatment system when I built my house 10 years ago. From the start I had problems with the system. I was getting it emptied up to three times a year and was constantly having problems with odours and blockages. I was being to worry every time I put on the washing machine ad dishwasher. It was apparent fairly early on that the system chosen was too small for my house. In 2012, I contacted bioCycle™ about replacing my system. A neighbour had their system installed and had no problems over the years. I eventually decided that a replacement system was my best option and went with bioCycle™. The initial cost of the system was high but overall when I considered the long term running costs it was the best option. I was very happy with the system and would not hesitate to recommend bioCycle™.

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