The multi award winning bioCycle™ system was the first certified domestic wastewater treatment system in Ireland. Since then bioCycle™ has been setting the standard for wastewater treatment & septic tank solutions in Ireland.

bioCycle™ provide long term wastewater treatment & septic tank solutions that offer unrivaled homeowner and environmental protection.

New Range (6PE to 50PE) bioCycle™ wastewater treatment systems designed and certified in accordance to S.R. 66:2015 & EN12566-Part3

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems

At bioCycle™ we don’t just sell septic tanks, we provide long term wastewater solutions. For over 25 years we have been providing a complete wastewater solution by designing, manufacturing, installing, certifying & servicing our systems.

  • Longest & Most Comprehensive Warranty
  • Highest Consumer Protection
  • Lowest Desludging Costs
  • Superior Performance
  • Fit for Purpose Design

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Commercial Wastewater Treament Systems

Commercial Wastewater Treament Systems

bioCycle™ specialize in the design, installation and servicing of treatment systems ranging in size up to 1000 P.E. Systems can be designed to meet the most stringent of discharge licenses and can incorporate UV disinfection, denitrification and phosphorous removal processes. Our systems have a larger volume than any other treatment system on the market. Incorporating larger volumes in the design of systems, allows extended retention periods and the ability to accept varying loads. This is necessary to ensure high and consistent levels of treatment.


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bioCycle™ "Fit for Purpose" Design

The bioCycle™ unit design is not just based on the number of bedrooms at the property. Our engineers will also assess the proposed water usage, occupancy and water saving devices. Our design will ensure that your wastewater treatment unit will be fit for purpose and be suitable for your home. This will help to avoid a lifetime of problems such as:

• Liabialty under the Water Services Act 2012
• A Risk to Human Health or the Environment
• Restricted Usage of Washing Machine/Dishwasher
• Increased Maintenance Costs
• Reduced Life of Percolation Area
• Frequent Desludging


For over 25 years our highly qualified and experienced team have been providing a complete range of wastewater & septic tank services. Our nationwide service cover all types of wastewater treatment systems & septic tanks.

Site Suitability Assessment

Site Suitability Assessment

A site suitability assessment is used to determine if a septic tank or wastewater treatment system is suitable for the proposed development. If the site is suitable the assessment is use to design the type and size of percolation area / polishing filter.

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Septic Tank Replacement

Septic Tank Replacement

bioCycle™ provide a complete service for replacing your existing septic tank or sewage treatment system. The superior bioCycle™ System overcomes all the problems associated with septic tanks and defective treatment systems.

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Septic Tank Survey

Septic Tank Survey

Buying a house with a septic tank or wastewater treatment system? It is vital to know the state of a treatment system when purchasing a property, in order to avoid acquiring a financial liability that is significant risk to environmental and human health.

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Service & Repair

Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians will ensure that your treatment system will be serviced to the highest standards.

  • Domestic & Commercial Systems 
  • Pump Stations
  • Percolation Repair & Replacement
  • Meet Discharge Licence Requirements
  • Solutions to all your Septic Problems
  • Nationwide Emergency Call-Out Service

To arranage a service call 01-8391000


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