Installation of Commercial bioCycle™ System & Pump Station for Oil Refinery

Date: September 2015
Location: Co. Cork
System Type: bioCycle™ BAF Wastewater System

System Design:
The BioCycle wastewater treatment system has been designed based on the maximum hydraulic and organic loadings detailed below:
The plant has an average of 200 people on site on a daily basis, between 8am ~4.30pm
The plant is in operation 24 hours per day / 365 days per year with approximately 12 people on site at night and at weekends.
There is a plant shutdown every 4 ~ 5 years where the population on site rises to approx 600 people.
Sanitary waste generated on site is piped to a BioCycle BAF Waste Water Treatment Unit via pumped feed and the outflow from BioCycle WWTU discharges into the estuary.
Under the sites new integrated pollution prevention control licence (IPPC) the onsite wastewater treatment plant must treat effluent to a standard of 25 mg/l BOD and 35 mg/l suspended solids.