domestic wastewater treatment systems

9,000 Series Domestic

The new 9,000 series wastewater treatment system is the most cost effective bioCycle™ system ever. The bioCycle™ unit is designed to provide long term low maintenance costs and unrivaled consumer protection.

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biocycle classic in ground 2012a

12,000 Series Domestic

The multi-award winning 12,000 series is the premium wastewater treatment system in Ireland. It offers the best long term wastewater solution and unrivaled consumer / environmental protection.

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Commercial wastewater treatment systems

Commerical Systems

bioCycle™ specialise in the design, installation and servicing of commercial wastewater treatment systems ranging in size up to 1000 P.E. Systems.

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percolation area

Percolation / Polishing Filters

Our team of highly qualified and experienced Engineers & Technicians will design, supply, install and certify the polishing filter\percolation area.

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Parts - Pumps & Blowers

bioCycle™ supply parts for all makes & types of wastewater treatment systems. Water Pumps, Air blowers, Diffuses etc.

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