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The new 9,000 series wastewater treatment system is the most cost effective bioCycle™ system ever. The bioCycle™ unit is designed to provide long term low maintenance costs and unrivaled consumer protection.

  • 15 Year All Inclusive warranty (Parts, Labour & Performance)
  • Longest Desludging Period
  • Only manufactures to certified there system “fit for purpose” & to Part H of the Building Regulations
  • Only company with ISO 9001:2000 for the Design, Supply, Installation and Servicing of WWTS
  • Only system covered by Environmental Insurance
  • 15 Year All Inclusive Warranty

  • Fit For Purpose

  • Lowest Desludging Costs

  • Superior Performance

The bioCycle™ 9,000 series wastewater treatment system has a 15 year Performance, Parts & Labour guarantee from the date of installation provided that the unit is designed, serviced and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions & recommendations.


  • 20mg/l BOD
  • 30mg/l SS Effluent Quality
  • No Obnoxious Odours

All Parts

  • Concrete Tank
  • Air Blower
  • Water Pump
  • Diffusers
  • High Level switches
  • Media
  • PVC Pipework & & Fittings
  • Non return Valves
  • Control Socket Box
  • Alarm

Labour & Callouts

The bioCycle™ unit design is not just based on the number of bedrooms at the property. Our enginners will also assess the proposed water usage, occupancy and water saving devices. Our design will ensure that your wastewater treatment unit will be fit for purpose and be suitable for your home. This will help to avoid a lifetime of problems such as:

  • Liabialty under the Water Services Act 2012
  • A Risk to Human Health or the Environment
  • Restricted Usage of Washing Machine/Dishwasher
  • Increased Maintenance Costs
  • Reduced Life of Percolation Area
  • Frequent Desludging

The bioCycle™ wastewater treatment system is the highest performing biological aerated filtration (BAF) system on the Irish market. The bioCycle’s design and large capacity ensures a high and consistent level of treatment. The unit is also better equiped to deal with the following:

  • Shock Loadings
  • Diswasher & Washing Machine Usage
  • Everyday Household Chemicals
  • Water Saving Devices

The bioCycle™ unit has been designed to provide unrivaled sludge storage. When sludge is retained for a sufficient period (18 to 24 months) it will undergo a process called “anaerobic digestion”. This process decreases the volume of sludge significantly and drastically reduces the need for desludging. The desludging period for the bioCycle™ unit is approx every 7 – 10 years compared to once a year for most other treatment systems.

(Average Desludging Cost €250.00)


  • Installation checked by a bioCycle™ technician
  • Test all mechanical and electrical components
  • Installation certificate provided


  • Engineer on site during installation
  • Locations of system and percolation area checked
  • Photographic evidence taken of all aspects of the installation
  • Visual check of works carried out by the main contractor
  • Detailed report & certification


  • Includes Certification to EPA 2009 Code of Practice
  • Engineer on site during installation
  • Locations of system and percolation area checked
  • Photographic evidence taken of all aspects of the installation
  • Visual check of works carried out by the main contractor
  • System covered by environmental damage insurance and professional indemnity insurance
  • Detail report & certification

Part H of the Building Regulations:

“the wastewater treatment system shall be so designed, sited and constructed that:

(a) it is not prejudicial to the health of any person,
(b) it does not cause a risk to public health or the environment,
(c) it prevents unauthorised access but allows adequate means of access for emptying and maintenance,
(d) it will function to a sufficient standard for the protection of health in the event of a system failure,
(e) it has adequate capacity,
(f) it is impermeable to liquids, and
(g) it is adequately ventilated.”

Note: Part H of the Building Regulations certification can only be provided if the site suitability assessment has been carried out by bioCycle™.

Consumer Information

The wastewater industry is unregulated and the current certification is worthless and offers zero protection to homeowners. Who under the Building Regulations & Water Services Act are responsible to ensure that their system does not constitute a risk to human health or the environment.

Homeowner Liability

Homeowner Liability

Liability, are you aware that “you” are solely liable for pollution/public health issues arising from inadequate defective or malfunctioning treatment system?

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Misleading Certification

Misleading Certification

Current certification to the EPA Code of Practice & EN12566-3 offers no protection to homeowners in the event there system causes pollution.

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System Details
Capacity (litres)8,400
BOD Kg/day0.48
Flow Rate (m3/day)1.60
Dimensions (mm)Ø 2675
Depth (mm)2475
Stantard Invert (mm)600
Approx Desludging Period7-10 years
Discharge TypeGravity or Pumped