#WasteWaterGate -Who is Responsible for Waste Water Standards?


BioCycle has been working hard over the past number of decades to raise the standards on the supply of septic tanks and wastewater Treatment products. The current status? Chances are, if you have a septic tank or are using any kind of wastewater treatment cycle, it’s not environmentally sound.

What does this mean?

Well, if your septic tank is not environmentally sound it can have a number of adverse effects.  Including Infected drinking water, surface water and, if the issue escalates, infected bodies of water including lakes and rivers.

Septic Tank Issues

All of this ultimately provides an unsafe environment for humans and animals, and can even result in hospitalisation.

Who is responsible? 

The Department of Environment, Community and Local Government?

This is another issue; who is responsible for the management of standards and regulations in Wasterwater Management? Everyone seems to be in denial about it; not least of all the department of Environment, Community and Local Government.

Back in 2011 we sent one of many letters to Former Minister for The Environment and current EU commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development. You can read the letter in full HERE. As you can see we addressed the issue with fact, concern and urgency however this, and many other, letters to the department went unnoticed, and we never got a reply. This is a clear denial that there is even an issue to talk about.

National Consumer Agency 

National Consumer Agency

Is the National Consumer Agency responsible? We think they are partly responsible as it is their duty to uphold standards on consumer products and ensure that they are fit for purpose. We also sent a letter to the agency in , which was ignored as well.

The Environmental Protection Agency?


It’s in the name, isn’t it? Environmental Protection Agency; yet on this particular issue they aren’t doing a lot of protecting. It’s an environmental issue as well as a consumer issue, and the EPA appears to be acting rather flippant about it. If they never certified it, why is it still ok for company’s to install?

Running Away from the Problem?

Running away from the problem

It simply seems as thought no one is taking responsibility for something that could damage the environment and your health. Everyone is skirting the issue, blaming one another and failing to put in place real standards that protect the people that spend €1000s purchasing waste water management systems and maintaining; you the consumer. They are running away from the problem, frantically placing the issue in other people’s hands so that they don’t have to take control of the situation.

So who are they trying to pass the book to?

Blaming the consumer

That’s right; these professional bodies are claiming that the onus should fall on you, the consumer. An unreasonable and purely irresponsible way for professional and governmental bodies to act when it comes to something so serious.

Blaming the consumer

At BioCycle we think the official bodies should shoulder the responsibility for an issue that could harm the environment and citizens in a very serious way. We certainly don’t think it is something that should fall to the consumer who are simply purchasing a very necessary system. As consumers you are understandably trusting of the companies and agencies attached to the purchase of a wastewater treatment systems.

What can you do? 

Something big has to change; new regulations need to be put in place and they need to be enforced. So how how can you help to bring about this change? Join BioCycle on our Crusade to combat this potentially damaging state of affairs by taking to social media and using the hashtag #Wastewatergate. There is always strength in numbers, so if you took the time to voice your concerns in writing to the relevant bodies and individuals. You will find their details below.

So let’s stand up; let’s not allow official bodies to put our health in danger. Voice your concerns and refuse to take responsibility for a much bigger issue than any consumer should take authority over. For honest advice about your septic tank please contact us.