The bioCycle™ Guarantee

At bioCycle™ we are passionate about providing excellent customer service to both new and existing customers.

As part of that commitment we endeavour to ensure that everyone who has one of our systems is 100 per cent satisfied with its quality and longevity.

Wastewater Management System Guarantee

All our bioCycle™ wastewater management systems and polishing filters come with a 30 Year Warranty for complete peace of mind. Quite simply, it is the most comprehensive guarantee provided for any system of its kind.

While we are confident that our products are robust and that any issues will be minimal, our team is on hand to repair or replace any part of the system for up to 30 years from the date it was installed.

We believe this is the most comprehensive guarantee available in both the domestic and commercial wastewater treatment markets. We also feel that it underlines the confidence we have in the quality of our bioCycle™ and polishing filters.

What does bioCycle™ Guarantee Cover?

The warranty covers all parts and labour; callouts; odours; ponding; pollution; third party liability and environmental damage.

Our parts promise is itself much greater than that offered by other warranties in the respect that it covers the concrete tank itself as well as water pumps, air blowers and diffusers.

It is given on the basis that the system is installed, certified and services in accordance with our instructions and it does not cover that damaged that was cause either willfully or accidentally by a person.

This exemption includes evidence of tampering and/or alteration of the system by any persons not working for or contracted by bioCycle™ Ltd.

Any events that are outside of the reasonable control of ourselves are exempt from cover. These include, but are not limited to, Force Majeure events such as floods, storms, subsidence, lightning, earthquake or faults with electrical supplies.

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