European Standard EN12566 Limations

All wastewater treatment systems are required to undergo laboratory testing as per the I.S EN 12566 standard at an EU nominated test centre. Consumers should be aware that the I.S. EN test relates only to structural integrity and treatment efficiency at specific loadings as dictated by individual system manufacturers. This laboratory information is specifically intended for manufacturers and must not be applied for marketing purposes to general consumer situations.



With regard to the EN12566 test it should be understood that:

  • It is not a pass/fail test for treatment systems
  • It does not require any particular level of treatment
  • It does not provide any assurance of durability or continued level of performance
  • The test results may not be achieved in individual domestic situations
  • Life cycle cost analysis, adequate access for inspection/maintenance, facility for parts replacement
  • The frequency of de-sludging carried out during testing
  • The risks to users and public health, or presence or absence of essential fail-safe factors

The I.S. EN Certificate/CE Mark does not provide any legal protection or assurance to consumers or the environment. There is no obligation on the manufacturers to make the complete official test report available to the public.