Upgrading an existing factory wastewater treatment system


Upgrade existing on-site wastewater treatment system for a factory.


The existing on-site wastewater treatment system was no longer operating to the satisfaction of the client.

bioCycle™  were tasked with upgrading an existing wastewater treatment system.

The system needed to meet the prescribed effluent standards and the conditions of the planning permission. As part of the works, bioCycle™ were required to take on the role of PSCS and also to liaise with the ESB, as part of the works was under a high-tension power line. The client’s representative emphasised the importance of running an efficient, clean and well-planned project in the context of the daily operational requirements of the factory.

Summary of Services:

•             Detailed design of upgrade works

•             Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS)

•             Mechanical, electrical and civil works



At the outset, a detailed study of the overground and underground electrical / telecom services was undertaken, utilising a CAT (Cable Avoidance Tool) and hand-digs in the vicinity of cables. The works included the construction of a 300m2 raised polishing filter with an overlying low-pressure distribution system directly under a high-tension power line.

On-site meetings held with ESBI allowed for the programming of all works under high-tension cables during a planned line outage. This part of the works was completed over weekend hours. The construction of the package wastewater treatment plant involved excavating to a depth of 4.0 m, with bedrock and water table encountered at 1.5 m below ground level. Throughout the construction of the works, safe systems of work were put in place (e.g. barriers, warning signs, access platforms for crossing excavations, etc.) and all materials were disposed of in accordance with the Waste Management Act.

The installation of the package wastewater treatment plant was completed whilst maintaining the existing sewer live. In parallel to the construction of the plant, a new sewer was constructed to the new plant. Upon completion of the installation of the plant, the old sewer was diverted to the new one and the defunct treatment plant was disposed of.

The completed plant was immediately commissioned and placed onto a 24 month parts-inclusive service contract as part of its warranty, and the completed Health and Safety File was handed over to the client.
For more information on this project, view or download our Project Data Sheet – Design, supply and construction of an upgraded on-site wastewater treatment system