Ireland’s Wastewater Treatment Specialists

We have been at the forefront of the wastewater treatment for more than two decades and provide a range of products and services to suit both the domestic and commercial markets. Our larger tanks have won numerous awards because they provide a much better treatment than those provided by other providers of wastewater systems. While most systems need to be desludged every 12 months, our systems only need to be emptied every seven to ten years making them much more costs effective over their lifetime.All our products are designed, installed and maintained by our qualified engineers and carry a 30 year guarantee for your total peace of mind.

Design – supply – install – certify – guarantee – service

How Can We Help You?

Going for Planning

As we design and fully install our products we can assist you with planning for a system that perfectly meets your needs.

Choosing a System

bioCycle™ provides a range of water treatment systems that are designed to meet the needs of our clients, regardless of if they are a homeowner or a large business.

Problem with your System

We are able to investigate all issues with septic tanks and can repair all types of treatment systems including biotechs, enviropaks and bioclears.



Wastewater Treatment Solutions


We provide a range of wastewater treatments systems that are designed to perfectly meet the needs of homeowners.


We manufacture high performance treatment systems that meet the needs of modern businesses and adhere to even the most stringent licences.

bioCycle™ Service

We specialise in designing and installing Ireland’s best wastewater treatments systems as well as Rainwater Harvesting products and Polishing Filters.


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The bioCycle™ Guarantee

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