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We have been at the forefront of the wastewater treatment for more than two decades and provide a range of products and services to suit both the domestic and commercial markets. Our larger tanks have won numerous awards because they provide a much better treatment than those provided by other providers of wastewater systems. While most systems need to be desludged every 12 months, our systems only need to be emptied every seven to ten years making them much more cost effective over their lifetime.All our products are designed, installed and maintained by our qualified engineers and carry a 30 year guarantee for your total peace of mind. Call us now on 1890 929 612.

How Can We Help You?


Septic Tank Replacement

bioCycle™ provide a complete service for replacing your existing septic tank or sewage treatment system. The superior bioCycle™ System overcomes all the problems associated with septic tanks and defective treatment systems.


Free Inspection

bioCycle™ are offering a no obligation free inspection of your domestic or commercial wastewater treatment system and for limited period 50% Off any service contract for the first year.


homeowner liability

Homeowner Liability

Under Irish Law the homeowner is responsible to ensure that their Septic tank or Wastewater Treatment system is properly designed, constructed, installed and maintained. Find out how you can  protect yourself?




Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Domestic System


The multi-award winning bioCycle™ system is Ireland’s superior wastewater treatment system. 

  • 30 Year Guarantee (Pollution, Parts & Labour)
  • Longest Desludging Intervals 7-10 Years
  • Highest Consumer & Environmental Protection
  • Proven system with over 25 Years successful operation


Commercial Systems


We manufacture high performance treatment systems that meet the needs of modern businesses and adhere to even the most stringent licences.


Service & Repair

service & repair
For over 25 years bioCycle™ has been servicing and repairing wastewater treatment and septic tank systems across Ireland. Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians will ensure that your treatment system will be serviced and repaired to the highest standard at a competitive price.


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Septic Tanks & Wastewater Treatment Systems

Septic Tanks & Wastewater Treatment Systems

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